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Harriet Edmund | First year as a freelance journalist
VIDEO: What to expect if you're starting out as a freelance journalist.
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How to survive your first year as a freelance journalist

What to expect if you’re starting out as a freelance journalist.

Whether you have just finished a journalism degree, you’ve finally taken the plunge to go out on your own or you’ve had a career change, becoming a freelance journalist can be (just a little) daunting. Trust me I know.


I always thought I would become a freelance journalist when I had kids, after all, it’s a great profession when it comes to “the juggle”.

But, when push actually came to shove, and I left behind 10-years of full-time, permanent employment in the media industry, it took a while to really fire up both cylinders.

Now, having lived the freelance life for more than four years, I can’t see myself going back into the office anytime soon. Having a diversity of clients from the health and fitness to finance industries, and managing multiple deadlines are what I love most. (We can sleep when we’re dead, right?)

So, if you’re new to the profession:

  • Stick at it;
  • Keep writing; and
  • Find a bloody good cafe!


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