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Harriet Edmund | SEO copywriting is cool, right?
5 reasons why SEO copywriting rocks for small businesses.
SEO copywriting
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SEO copywriting is cool, right?

Want to know why SEO copywriting rocks?

When it comes to SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION you can be forgiven for thinking:

  • That’s all too geeky;
  • I don’t have time to get my head around it right now; or
  • I’m happy (enough) with my current website.

But, if you peel back all the technical stuff (leave that to your SEO copywriter), the benefits of getting your web content writing RIGHT, make it a no brainer. This explainer video outlines why.


A keyword, or keyword phrase, is what your customers punch into major search engines such as Google when looking to buy a product or service like yours.

There’s a bunch of ways your SEO copywriter can search for not only which keywords are most popular among your customers, but also which ones you have a real chance at ranking highly for. Keeping in mind you’re aiming for page one of Google – and, ideally, in the top three listings.

It’s important to remember you only need to pick ONE keyword per web page. This way, if your site has 10 different web pages, you have a chance at ranking highly for 10 different search terms.

And, despite what you’ve heard, the keyword (or phrase) does not need to be dripping from your every sentence.

Sure, it should be in your H1 (Headline), H2 (sub-head) and ideally in the first 100-words of your content. But, there’s a bunch of other places in your website’s “back end” where you can plug in your keyword to boost your chances of a better ranking. Places like your permalink, image titles and alt-tags… (moving into geeksville now, sorry!)


Ultimately, your web content writing should make your customers hearts sing! Your copy should tell (and sell) your story online. Above all else it must be compelling! The bonus is, if you get the SEO bit right you can:

  1. Be discovered;
  2. Stand out from your competitors;
  3. Build a tribe of online lovers;
  4. Make a buck; and
  5. Own a business that simply rocks!


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