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Harriet Edmund | 5 inspirational quotes
5 motivational quotes from interviews I will never forget!
Inspirational quotes
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5 inspirational quotes from interviews I’ll never forget

Quote of the day to keep your rut away.

If you’re having one of those days, there’s one sure fire way to find perspective and pull yourself out of the rut. INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES!

I’m not talking about the nameless memes all over social media. I mean the nuggets of gold that people deliver when explaining a life changing experience or the reasons for their mind blowing actions.

Some inspirational quotes simply blow your hair back plus, they make writing an article easy.


Do your research. Always go into your interviews prepared. The more you know about your subject’s story before the interview, the deeper you can delve into their thought process and emotional state. Write down your questions, but be prepared to deviate from the list if you come across a inspirational anecdote.

I’ve found it’s the interviews that become more like conversations with a mate, which result in the best motivational quotes.

And, finally, everyone has a story to tell. Anyone from a professional motivational speaker to your local barista can articulate incredible life experiences, but the quotes to remember usually come from those who:

  • Have faced (and overcome) adversity;
  • Have seen it all/live life to the max; and
  • The absolute experts in their field.


P.S. Want to read the articles where these inspirational quotes appeared? Head to my freelance journalist portfolio.