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Harriet Edmund | Awards
Winner of single article of the year, and editorial issues campaign of the year Publishers Australia awards.
Writing awards, Publishers Australia, feature article
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Best Coverage of Sport for People with a Disability

Australian Sports Commission Media Awards 2016


A Day in the Life of Turia Pitt

This cover story revealed what life was like for burns survivor and athlete Turia Pitt as she prepared for the pinnacle of all endurance events – 2016 Ironman World Champions, Hawaii. Turia’s recovery, after suffering burns to 65 per cent of her body during a Kimberley ultra marathon, is ongoing. Interwoven into the description of how she spent her 29th birthday, is her account of a brutal training regime in spite of her finger amputations, skin tightness, unregulated body temperature and more than 200 operations.


Best profile of an athlete (print)

Australian Sports Commission Media Awards 2011

Highly commended

Positive Feeling

Deanna Blegg has defied medical belief to become Australia’s top female adventure racer. But her story is not without both tragedy and fortuity. This feature article and short video cover how HIV changed her life.

Journalist of the Year

Publishers Australia Excellence Awards 2011

Runner up

In Your Stride

In this year, my body of work for Runner’s World magazine AUS & NZ not only included writing in-depth feature articles and news stories, but also the filming and editing short videos to accompany the stories online, plus writing and disturbing reader surveys to assist in the research process of the topics covered.




Single article of the year

Publishers Australia Excellence Awards 2010


Going Green

After writing and distributing the RW Eco Runners Challenge online survey, I analysed reader results to discover just how much we can do, as runners, to reduce our impact on the environment. A short video to accompany this feature article shares just how close champion Australian middle distance runner Jeff Riseley came to losing everything in one of Victoria’s worst natural disasters.

Best Coverage of Sport for People with Disability

Australian Sports Commission Media Awards 2010


Running in Silence

She is the world’s most accomplished deaf athlete, and now Melinda Vernon is triumphing over fields of able-bodied runners across the globe. She shares her tussle to the top.



Editorial issues campaign of the year

Bell Awards, Publishers Australia 2007



Best report in print

Victorian Law Foundation Legal Reporting Awards 2008

Highly commended

Breaking the Barriers

It champions for human rights, but does the legal profession encourage and support indigenous participation? This feature article explores how lawyers are taking affirmative action.

Best Feature Series Print and Electronic

Rural Press Club of Victoria Journalism and Photography Awards 2004

Highly commended

Breaking the Culture

A two-part series investing the increasing incidents of domestic violence in North East Victoria during the early 2000s.