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Harriet Edmund | Freelance journalist Melbourne
I'm an award-winning magazine feature article writer, who's been telling the stories of people, places and businesses for 15 years. Got a story to tell?
Freelance journalist Melbourne
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Freelance journalist

Need fresh story angles for your next print or online edition?

I’ve been telling the stories of people, places and businesses for 15 years, which means I know what angles resonate with different readerships. As an awarding-winning  journalist, I deliver high quality copy on time, every time, to a host of print and digital outlets. Based in Melbourne, I specialise in health and sport, but also write about parenting and business.


  • Magazine feature articles to make your audience think differently
  • Profile pieces about inspirational people in your circles
  • How to articles to help make readers lives easier and more fulfilling
  • In-depth investigative news reports to inspire conversation and change
  • Comment and opinion pieces relating to sport, health and fitness
  • Online articles for instant sharing and exposure

Need a freelance journalist?