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Harriet Edmund | Free eBook: Copywriting tips for health and sport websites
Are you revamping your web copy? Here's a simple guide to SEO, digital copywriting and sport marketing principals to sharpen up your website. Request a copy today.
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Free eBook

Revamping your web copy?

Here’s how to write for your health or sport website

If you’re about to build a new website or revamp your existing one, this could be the most important eBook you read this year.


Why? Because your web copy can be the difference between making a great first impression (having your audience engage and ultimately buy from you), and seeing them click away to your competitor’s website.


The purpose of this eBook is to provide health and sport business owners and professionals with some simple DIY copywriting tips. And, if you choose to outsource that work, how to brief, work with and get the best value from a professional copywriter.

Some of what it covers:

  • Learn how to make a great first impression with your web copy
  • How to find out what your competitors are doing
  • SEO – the basics for sport and health industries
  • Are blog posts still relevant?
  • Easy headline formulas and power words
  • How to decide on your target market
  • What’s important about a features and benefits list
  • Top 10 reasons why people buy or sign up
  • The pros and cons of using a professional copywriter
  • Questions to ask a copywriter before you hire

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