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Harriet Edmund | How I work
7 easy steps to writing copy.
Writing copy
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How I work

7 easy steps to writing copy

Whether you’re a magazine editor or business owner you most likely don’t have the time (or budget) to let writing projects drag on. That’s why I follow this easy guide to writing copy for all of my clients.


  1. Writing-copyLet’s talk

Drop me a line or give me a bell to share a little about your project. I would love to know about your target audience, deadlines and what you’re hoping to achieve.


  1. Your quote proposal

I’ll send through a detailed quote proposal for the writing you require, including my terms and conditions. When you’re ready to go ahead, I ask for a 50% deposit upfront to book in your job.


  1. Nailing the brief

Remember, the better the brief, the better the copy. For copywriting jobs especially, this is where we will pin down things like your features and benefits list, creative proposition, tone of voice, calls to action, campaign timing and essential requirements.


  1. Extra web service

Before writing any web content, I will ask for your existing keyword research. If you don’t have this, I will do it for you. Using these keywords strategically in your copy will help facilitate efficient indexing of your site by the major commercial search engines.


  1. Writing-copyWriting

Now, it’s up to me to write copy that meets (and exceeds) your expectations.


  1. Revisions

To make sure you’re happy with the words, I offer two rounds of revisions (usually only one is needed).


  1. Signing off

Once your project is complete I’ll send my final invoice. My payment terms are 14 days. I may also ask for a testimonial and to display your project in my portfolio. Because, as you know, word of mouth is the best recommendation you can get!

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