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Harriet Edmund | Freelance writing prices
Need help with your next print or digital writing project? Request a quote today.
Freelance writing prices
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Pick your own

Print and digital freelance writing prices

Whether you’re a magazine editor, marketing manager, event director or business owner, I can help with your writing needs.

My print background and SEO writing skills mean I know how to make your content stand out in this era of information overload.

Here is an overview of the freelance journalism, copywriting and web content writing services I offer.

Request a copy of my rate card or customised quote for your next project.

Feature writing

Profiles and in-depth magazine feature articles that inspire readers' to think differently.


Creative copy that tells (and sells) your story so that you stand out from the pack.

Web Content Writing

SEO blog writing, website revamps and eBooks to build online presence and improve your ranking.

News reporting

Investigative reports and news articles that don’t bury the lead.

Press release writing

Your reputation is everything. Get your message right and well-read, fast.

Social media writing

Digital PR including clever caption writing and placement of relevant hashtags.

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