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Harriet Edmund | Web content revamp
SEO web content revamps for small and medium businesses, including a revised unique selling proposition, offer and call to action.
Web content revamp
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Website content revamp

When to revamp your website content

If your unique selling proposition, products or services have changed as your business has grown – it’s time to update your content. The fact is, you have three seconds to make an impression once someone lands on your website. And, without creative, strategic and SEO saavy content, you can lose your prospective clients in a click. I offer SEO website revamps for  businesses and events who are passionate about staying relevant.

Website content revamp package:

  • A 60-minute in-person consultation
  • SEO research using Moz software to select the best keyword phrase for each web page
  • Landing page revamp including your unique selling proposition, key benefits, a carefully considered offer and call to action
  • 5 pages of engaging, SEO friendly content written by an expert digital copywriter
  • SEO title tag and meta description for each web page
  • SEO image title, permalink, alt tag, category and tag suggestions for each page
  • Hyperlinks to relevant information on your website
  • 2 rounds of revisions and proofreading

Want to revamp your web content?